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May 2014 VA Hep C Treatment Guidelines
UPDATE: Feb 26, 2016-
Funding and Prioritization Status Update

UPDATE: March 2016
VA Hep C Treatment Guidelines
VA to treat all vets in system

By Judith Graham
VA Extends New Hepatitis C Drugs to All Veterans in Its Health System

Orange Count Registry
Vietnam vets blame 'jet guns' for their hepatitis C
By Lily Leung Feb. 14, 2016 
CBS News Investigates
Congress outraged over hepatitis C treatment VA can't afford
Dr. Raymond Schinazi played a leading role developing a drug that cures hepatitis C while working seven-eighths of his time for the VA| By amynordrum

Hepatitis C drug costing VA, DoD millions
By Patricia Kime, Staff writer
We're looking at a company who is milking a cash cow for everything it's worth," Sanders said. 

VA to outsource care for 180,000 vets with hepatitis C
Dennis Wagner, The Arizona Republic 12:27 a.m. EDT June 21, 2015

VA to outsource care for 180,000 vets with hepatitis C
, The Republic | 11:51 a.m. MST June 19, 2015
Dr. David Ross, the VA's director public-health pathogens programs, resigned from the working group. "I cannot in good conscience continue to work on a plan for rationing care to veterans," he wrote.

VA Region Stops Referring Patients To Outside Hospitals Thanks To Budget Shortfall
Michael Volpe Contributor ...According to a memo — the entire region has been forced to stop all “non-VA care” referrals due to a budget shortfall.
Sen. Mark Kirk admitted the VA Choice Program is a failed joke in a letter to Secretary Bob McDonald despite attempts to fix it.

Denied Hep C VA dental care?
Please click here

Dried Hepatitis C Blood Exposure 11/23/2013 Weeks later inconspicuous blood transmits virus and more likely to cause accidental exposures to Hep C

Lack of Standards for
Mass Vaccinations
1970 Jetgun Nursing Instructions

2014 AASLD Study Hepatitis C not an STD

Test the Rest Campaign
Documentation & Surveillance Alerts
Military Hepatitis History  
Understanding The Liver 
VA Flow Sheet for Cirrhosis
VA Defines Risk Factors
Hep C & Pro-Prebiotic
Need to know-Grassroots Research
Blog Another12Weeks
One Vets' Journey Though Treatment

 Ask NOD
 What Would Veterans Do?
Blog for VA Claims

Help with VA Claims

Info: Plan Backfires-
VBA Fast Letter Boost Claims
Legal- Fed Regs state:
Judge decision may be relied upon
Cotant v. Principi, 17 Vet.App. 116, 134 (2003),
Service Connected Claims
# 1 Conclusion of Law 
# 2 Conclusion of Law 
More Claims
Jetgun Decisions
Hep C Decisions
Search Board of Appeals Website
BVA Jetgun Decisions
BVA Hepatitis C Decisions

Great Advice!  
After the jetgun win
What to do next



2015- According to Veterans Affairs interview with NewsWeek, 50,000 veterans  that have hepatitis C remain unidentified in the Health Administration. Jetgun devices are not listed as a risk factor for screening. Read more

Jetgun (Airgun) Injections

1970 Jetgun Nursing Instructions 1970 Army Medical Department Handbook of Basic Nursing- Military nursing instructions- how to use the jetgun, detailing how the device got contaminated.

Weniger BG, Papania MJ.
2013 Alternative Vaccine Delivery Methods [Chapter 61].
This body of evidence supports the conclusion that the design of MUNJIs is inherently unsafe, and  any reuse of fluid pathways or unsterile components that are in direct or indirect contact with consecutive patients should be abandoned... Despite the recommendations against MUNJI use for vaccination by public health authorities, and their withdrawal by the US military... continue to be used in the United States in dentistry... Safety of multiuse-nozzle jet injectors (MUNJIs)

2011 Jet injection History and Applications ...potential for disease transmission when blood contamination of the fluid path or the injectable product occurs during a previous injection. Contamination can occur on the skin contacting surface of the injector or inside the injector from splash-back. It is also possible that the replaceable cap may become contaminated. In addition, in-between use cleaning of any component in or around the fluid path may result in contamination."....and....."In addition, for jet injectors, the extent of “wear and tear” on the nozzle and fluid path is of concern.


2008 Jet injectors (MUNJIs) & Bifurcated Needles ...epidemiologic investigations and analyses, and human trials of the Ped-O-JetR and similar MUNJIs once used in smallpox campaigns demonstrated these “jet guns” capable of HBV transmission, even when nozzles were alcohol-swabbed between injections per manufacturer instructions. In the 1990s, the Ped-O-Jet was recalled, its use abandoned by the U.S. military, and contraindicated by WHO and CDC. The latest 2008 study detected HBV contamination by PCR after 8% of MUNJI injections of HBV-carrier volunteers.

2005 FDA Safety of Jetguns Advisory Meeting
DR. FRIEDE: The devices (jetguns) that we have seen that frequent contamination...was clearly of a level of blood that we are convinced can carry disease. So the devices which do not have a protection cap which are to be used for giving intramuscular injection we are convinced that these carry a significant risk.

2004 Patent-  Jetgun Protector cap cross-contamination continues to be problematic because in the injection stage, the contaminated matter can be transferred through the nozzle to inside the injector such as, for example, into the cavity and be transmitted to a new patient through a new cap and nozzle...Such injectors had no provision for preventing the transfer of blood-borne pathogens  except through the complicated disassembly and disinfecting process....

1997 Paris Island Air Force inspection Full Report ... noted that jet injector nozzles were frequently contaminated with blood, yet sterilization practices were frequently inadequate or not followed...

In Memory of Corporal Gary Lupole, USMC, fourth in line.
USMC Paris Island 1968

Military Withdraws Jetgun Devices
Web Reference http://www–
Copy of complete report DoD-USCG Withdraw Jetgun


Departments of the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, and the Coast Guard- Washington, DC- 29 September 2006

Army Regulation 40–562 BUMEDINST 6230.15A AFJI 48–110 CG COMDTINST M6230.4F
Medical Services Immunizations and Chemoprophylaxis
2–8. Jet–injection immunization devices

a. The DOD and USCG withdrew needle–free multi use nozzle jet injectors (MUNJIs) ... due to safety concerns...use of the same unsterile nozzle and fluid pathway to inject consecutive patients ... were usually refilled quickly from attached multidose vaccine vials. These devices remain unapproved and will not be used.

b. A new generation of needle–free disposable–cartridge jet injectors (DCJIs) avoid the safety concerns for MUNJIs by their use of a new, disposable, sterile fluid pathway... approved for military use
in accordance with the manufacturer’s current recommendations, especially with regard to infection control.

However, the recent 2008 FDA Study show 8.2% contamination for newer "improved" model... researchers stopped the test and rejected the device....

So how bad were the old ones?  Read 2005 FDA Safety of Jetguns Advisory Meeting

Video- Jetgun Injections  CBS " 60 MINUTES" documentary on the swine flu epidemics of 1976 in the U.S.

The MUNJIs are known by the trade names: Ped–O–Jet®, Med–E–Jet®, Hypospray®, DermoJet®

Jetgun Vaccinator
(old style)
Click on the Pictures to enlarge

Active Duty- ALERT!
Military issues orders to start using the jetguns again
(http://www– with
a new, disposable, sterile fluid pathway... approved for military especially with regard to infection control.



1970 Jetgun Warning & Vaccines .. problems associated with the dilution of vaccine LYMPH to volumes...used by jet injectors, and partly because LYMPH is NOT necessarily bacteriologically sterile...regarded as unsuitable for intradermal inoculation." Lymph is the same thing as blood plasma....and plasma contains a protein called ALBUMIN. So if plasma is not sterile then neither is albumin.  

Who received smallpox vaccination in the past?
 In 1990, the Department of Defense discontinued routine vaccination of recruits.

Must Read  "The Unintended Consequences of Vaccine Delivery Devices Used to Eradicate Smallpox: Lessons for Evaluating Future Vaccination Methods" B. G. Weniger.. 2008 Jet injectors & Bifurcated

More research below

Table of content

1939 Patent - Hypodermic Injector
1948 Development of Hyposray for Jet Injection
1948 Inoculation Hepatitis Study
1959 Jetgun Patent Aaron Isrnach
1964-1975 Drug Use in Vietnam
1964-1975 Hepatitis C Drug Use in Vietnam Era Vets
1966 Patent-MedEJet injector
1970 Army Basic Training Medical Handbook
1970 Intradermal Inoculation with Jetguns
1970 Jetgun Nursing Instructions
1970 Military Guidelines Manual for Jetgun use.
1990 FDA Jetgun Autoclaves Recalled
1992-2014 Jetgun Claims Granted Service Connection
1994 CDC Jetgun Recommendations
1994 HCV RNA in immune globulins
1994-1998 Hepatitis C Veterans Federal Response
1995 The Basic Training Environment-Chapter 8
1996 CDC Jetgun Advisory Committee
1996 WHO Jetgun Warning
1997 Did Shots Cause Hepatitis C?
1997 DoD Jetgun Report
1997 WHO Jetgun Statement
1998-Jetgun Contamination
1999 DoD Jetgun Policy Chronology
1999 Illigally Sold Blood Lawsuit
1999 Risk of cross-patient infection use of a needleless injector device.
1999 Vaccines in the Military- DoD Review of Policy
2001 FDA Jetgun Hearing
2001 Jetguns Transmit Infection
2001 VBA Fast Letter Boost Hepatitis C Claims
2002 Small Pox Needles & Jet Injectors
2004 Needleless injectors- Jetgun Protector Cap
2004 VA Defines Hepatitis C Risk Factors
2005 FDA Safety of Jetguns Advisory Meeting
2005 Immunization to Protect the U.S. Armed Forces
2007 Vaccine- Department of Defense (DoD) immunization program
2008 Ask the Mayo Clinic: Whatever happened to 'jet injectors?'
2008 CDC- Jetguns (PCNIF) Fail Safety Test
2008 Jet injectors & Bifurcated Needles
2008 Smallpox Vaccination Program Q & A
2010 HCVcc survives temperatures warrants precautions
2011 CDC Advisory Committee on Jetguns
2011- CDC Vaccine Guidelines
2012 Healthcare providers should follow Standard Precautions
2012 Jet injection History and Applications
2013 Alternative vaccine delivery methods- Jetguns devices should not be used
2013 Dried Hepatitis C Blood Exposure
2014 AASLD Hepatitis C not an STD
2014 Hepatitis C by Airgun was related to active service
2014 Hepatitis C Infection Among Vietnam Era
2015 introduction of hepatitis c virus into Scotland and transmission."
2015 Why Are Prescription Drugs So Expensive?
22-year assessment of VA claims
Sen Sanders Tells VA Use Emergency Power Override Hep C Drug Patents
What Good Is EMG to the Patient



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